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These are critical parts of your engine, whether it’s diesel or petrol, it is driven by either a timing belt or chain.

A belt or a chains function is to drive the crankshafts and camshafts together. 

Failure of either of these parts may lead to extreme engine damage, resulting in expensive labour and parts costs to fix the problem. In some cases, full engine repair or even a replacement engine is required.


Every car manufacturer specifies a particular age or mileage for replacing timing belts and chains in order to prevent breakdowns and repair costs. Normally, the age or mileage limit can be found in your owner’s manual. Please speak to one of our team members via phone or our online contact form and we’ll try our best to provide you with information and estimated cost. Along with the timing belt, we may also include in this quote the price for suggested other replacement parts such as water pumps or alternator belts. We do this to prevent failure in the future. But rest assured we will discuss any replacement parts and cost with yourself before any work is carried out.

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Timing Chains

Timing chains are becoming the preferred method for manufacturers. Chains can have an advantageous feature of sending a warning every time an issue arises. These issues can be a fault light on the dash or a noise that sounds like a  rattle more so from cold starting.

A member of the team will be able to advise you of any repair and or replacement and the total costs. The quote will include all the necessary replacement parts such as tensioners and guides needed to maintain the chain in good working order.

if you are unsure and would like a free of charge timing belt or chain check then please contact us

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